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heya! by Loolooz Laius Adrian by Loolooz Virko by Loolooz
Shael ---------------- Laius ----------------- Virko ----------
There must be a reason by Loolooz Just another shot by Loolooz Dusk by Loolooz
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lonely heartless by Loolooz :: Kai :: by Loolooz
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Loolooz's Profile Picture
Digital artist, fashion designer, entrepreneur, owner of trademarked brand in virtual words since early 2007.
This DeviantArt account will be for the hobby only, my Ball Jointed dolls, characters and customizations.

I have a passion for Asian Ball Jointed Dolls and a Flickr since 2010 with over 1500 pictures of my BJDs.


The models in my pictures are Ball Jointed Dolls made of resin, most of them from korean companies. All painted by me (face up, body blushing and tattoos). BJDs are fully customizable, you change their wigs, eyes, outfits, make up, you can give them tattoos and piercings and mod them in many different ways, that's why each one is unique even if they are the same mold.

My grown up dolls are around 70cm tall.

To know more about Ball Jointed Dolls see this link:…

Here is a list of BJD companies:…


Copyright 5 by Th3EmOo

My photos are NOT stock.
Do not edit, repost, or use without permission.

Silly moments are silly! ;)

Mae and me

Laius Adrian


Best friends

                                 I Dont Support Recast BJD by lajvio      
Respect My Copyright 01 by RockStock

My current dolls:
- SoulDoll - SoulKid Liddell: Li (Oct 14 2010)
- SoulDoll - Soul Vito Lester: Kai (Nov 23 2010)
- Fairyland - RealPuki Tiny : Frodo (Feb 14 2011)
- Dollmore - Zaoll Luv: Mae (May 31 2011)
- Fairyland - RealPuki Kaka: Lulu (July 14 2011)
- Fairyland - Feeple65 Chloe: Nova (Nov 10 2011)
- IpleHouse - SID Felix : Shael (Mar 12 2012)
- Fairyland - RealPuki Pupu : Dodo (May 18 2012)
- DollShe - Saint : Dusk (July 3 2012)
- IpleHouse - YID Bianca : Saranda (August 16 2012)
- Fairyland - PukiPuki Ruby : Lottie (August 21 2012)
- Alchemic Labo - Unoa : Feli (mult fps) (October 18 2012)
- Soom - Dia (male) : Dante (Dec 3 - 2012)
- IpleHouse - KID Loonie : Aranel (Dec 12 - 2012)
- IpleHouse - SID Claude : Laius Adrian (Mar 27 - 2013)
- IpleHouse - EID Arvid : Virko (Mar 27 - 2013)
- Soom - Dia (male) BT : Agni (May 24 - 2013)
- IpleHouse - EID Doria : Calla (May 28 - 2013)
- Elfdoll - Yuan : Ivory (July 27 - 2013)
- Ringdoll Frankenstein 2013: Krius (October 10 - 2013)
- Switch Hahwa : Jae (December 17 - 2013)
- Volks Dollfie Dream Yukino - (May 26 - 2014)
- RingDoll Jack The Ripper (1st prize won on video contest) - WAITING

Relocated dolls:
- SoulDoll - SoulKid Maillo: Elijah (Jan 3 2011) - Rehomed 26 Apr 2012
- 5StarDoll - Quintus: Ysbella (Dec 29 2010) - Rehomed August 2012
- IllusionSpirit - Tosaca : (Apr 9 2012) - Rehomed Nov 2012
- Iplehouse - JID Asa: Evangeline (Sep 27 2011) - Rehomed Feb 2013
- IpleHouse - EID Akando: Ethan Jules (Jan 13 2012) - Rehomed Mar 2013
- Fairyland - MNF Shushu: Apple (May 17 2011) - Rehomed Jul 2013

Random - Life and dolly news

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 3, 2014, 2:42 PM
Hello! How everyones doing?
I know its been a few days I'm not posting anything, but I'm always around checking what's new here! :}
I have a lot of catch up to do, here and on Flickr.

Still have some outdoor pictures of Shael  from the holidays at my parents to upload, maybe I'm doing later.
Too bad it was not this time I met aPPlejaZZ . She's been here in Brazil for a week in June and I couldn't go see her in Sao Paulo. Its all crazy here with the world cup, I hope this nightmare ends soon. 

Now look how cute my Chibified "L" - he arrived today. I bought him second hand.

Chibified "L"

He is  Nendoroid - Death Note "L" ♥ I love this character so much!!! Planning on some stop motion videos with him, swapping heads/expressions, its gonna be fun! 

If I happen to buy a Medicom Real Action Figure of L I swear I will take him with me everywhere! :D
Hope to find one for a reasonable price ... they are crazy expensive now on eBay. 


Other dolly news: a week ago Ringdoll shipped my Jack the Ripper I won as 1st prize of their video contest!  Now I hope it won't take a month stuck in customs... and I'm super scared with the custom fees I'll have to pay this time. 


Our un-social life

Journal Entry: Thu May 29, 2014, 11:09 AM
Facebook l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me

Today my mother sent me an email with this video and I thought of sharing with my "virtual" friends.

Its a bit about how I feel today ... many friends online but alone and feeling disconnected from my real world.

Of course I love my online friends! ~♡

Its just weird... not having anyone to talk to when I'm "offline".

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Les Looks

Journal Entry: Mon May 12, 2014, 6:17 PM
Facebook l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me


Shael, Saranda, Ivory and Laius.
Playing up with Polyvore on my iPad. Found things they would totally wear. :}

(Look at Shael, that set is SO him! )

Thanks to the awesome :iconsdrcow: for the awesome idea! I know many ppl do these collages but I never thought of doing for my own dolls until he showed me one of the looks he created. 


Have a Great week! :heart:

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Dolly news!

Journal Entry: Fri May 2, 2014, 1:25 PM


I bought a DollFie Dream! Nyuu (Smile) [V2]  Never thought I ever would.

I wanted to try something new. 

( ´∀`)~♡

I bought her second hand and she was shipped today. I'm getting her some stuff from CoolCat like animetic eyes, wigs and clothes.
I know... she's different from what you see in my stream.

 photo db_9_zpsfa0705ec.jpg

DollFie Dream Yukino - promo pic from Volks Japan.

I have ideas to add to her face up. :) I will change a bit her expression.

I hope I will love her :scared: 

Skin by Kiibun
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MORE ART THEFT - EDITED (link to DoA thread)

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 30, 2014, 1:21 PM

Someone on Flickr reported another site with over 4000 stolen pictures of dolls. Most of my friend's pictures (from deviantArt) are there, and many of mine! :(

NEW link -  May 1:   (they keep changing link)
EDIT - someone just created a Thread was created on DoA:…


Here is the post on Flickr:…

and here is the link to their site:

I actually know that girl (Falconieri), she's moderator of Russian BJD forum. She bought my EID Akando in 2012, I remember she was actually a nice girl I'm wondering WHY this now! :o  Still thinking if I should contact her about the stolen pictures.
Check out the link and tell your friends!!!

EDIT: the link is not working anymore for me. She keeps changing the link as soon as she gets reports and blocking ppl who complain. :{
I was said everyone is tracking her down now.

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Obrigada! :heart: Estou torcendo pra vc ter o seu um dia!!! :hug:
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