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Digital artist, fashion designer, entrepreneur, owner of trademarked brand in virtual words since early 2007.
This DeviantArt account will be for the hobby only, my Ball Jointed dolls, characters and customizations.

I have a passion for Asian Ball Jointed Dolls and a Flickr since 2010 with over 1600 pictures of my BJDs. Feel free to explore my gallery and albums.

- I dont respond FMs with only "Hi, Hello or How are you". If you have any questions about my dolls go straight to the point.

No Commissions by SweetDuke


The models in my pictures are Ball Jointed Dolls made of resin, most of them from korean companies. All painted by me (face up, body blushing and tattoos). BJDs are fully customizable, you change their wigs, eyes, outfits, make up, you can give them tattoos and piercings and mod them in many different ways, that's why each one is unique even if they are the same mold.

My grown up dolls are around 70cm tall.

To know more about Ball Jointed Dolls see this link:…

Here is a list of BJD companies:…

Copyright 5 by Th3EmOo

My photos are NOT stock.
Do not edit, repost, or use without permission.

Silly moments are silly! ;)

Mae and me

Laius Adrian


Best friends

                                 I Dont Support Recast BJD by lajvio      
Respect My Copyright 01 by RockStock

My current dolls:
- SoulDoll - SoulKid Liddell: Li (Oct 14 2010)
- SoulDoll - Soul Vito Lester: Kai (Nov 23 2010)
- Fairyland - RealPuki Tiny : Frodo (Feb 14 2011)
- Dollmore - Zaoll Luv: Mae (May 31 2011)
- Fairyland - RealPuki Kaka: Lulu (July 14 2011)
- Fairyland - Feeple65 Chloe: Nova (Nov 10 2011)
- IpleHouse - SID Felix : Shael (Mar 12 2012)
- Fairyland - RealPuki Pupu : Dodo (May 18 2012)
- DollShe - Saint : Dusk (July 3 2012)
- IpleHouse - YID Bianca : Saranda (August 16 2012)
- Fairyland - PukiPuki Ruby : Lottie (August 21 2012)
- IpleHouse - KID Loonie : Aranel (Dec 12 - 2012)
- IpleHouse - SID Claude : Laius Adrian (Mar 27 - 2013)
- IpleHouse - EID Arvid : Virko (Mar 27 - 2013)
- Soom - Dia (male) BT : Agni (May 24 - 2013)
- IpleHouse - EID Doria : Calla (May 28 - 2013)
- Elfdoll - Yuan : Ivory (July 27 - 2013)
- Ringdoll Frankenstein 2013: Krius (October 10 - 2013)
- Switch Hahwa : Jae (December 17 - 2013)
- Volks Dollfie Dream Yukino - (May 26 - 2014)
- RingDoll Jack The Ripper (video contest): Vadim - (July 25 - 2014)

Relocated dolls:
- SoulDoll - SoulKid Maillo: Elijah (Jan 3 2011) - Rehomed 26 Apr 2012
- 5StarDoll - Quintus: Ysbella (Dec 29 2010) - Rehomed August 2012
- IllusionSpirit - Tosaca : (Apr 9 2012) - Rehomed Nov 2012
- Iplehouse - JID Asa: Evangeline (Sep 27 2011) - Rehomed Feb 2013
- IpleHouse - EID Akando: Ethan Jules (Jan 13 2012) - Rehomed Mar 2013
- Fairyland - MNF Shushu: Apple (May 17 2011) - Rehomed Jul 2013
- Alchemic Labo - Unoa : Feli (mult fps) (October 18 2012) - Rehomed 2013
- Soom - Dia (male) : Dante (Dec 3 - 2012) - Rehomed Feb 2015


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ChokoAngel Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey Looloo! Just wanted to see if you're okay! I have missed you and your beautiful resin crew these last months after you decided to take a break from dA. Your pictures always make me so happy! ^^ I'm checking your Flickr account occasionally, so I'm following you anyway! =P (Razz) 
Hope you are having a great time, and hopefully we will see you back here on dA some day...... Hug 
Zetahadrian Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015
Miss you! Hope to see you back with your one and only Shael! No one can replace him! You have the BEST Felix! T.T
Loolooz Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Awww... I miss youuu! I know its been a while now. :( but its hard to keep up with two places and  I've been active on Flickr, as always! Some of my dA friends are there too... but I miss everyone here, its just that I had to choose! But whi knows I'll be back... I had put most of my pics in temporary storage here on dA because art theft was a bit out of control. 
Thanks for thinking of me! 😘💓
Dar-k-ling Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey Dear, just stopping by to say I miss you and your dollies. I haven't seen you around much, hope you are okay. *hugs*
Loolooz Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Hey! :) I'm havng a break from dA. But I've been very active on Flickr, as always. Its just that its hard for me to keep up wirh two places but I DO miss my friends here! :(
barananduen Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015   General Artist
:(!!! What happened to all your pictures?? :(
I was going through my faves folders today and found your beautiful Laius storaged! :( I hope you bring them back out :heart:
Loolooz Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015
awww... sorry. :( I didn't leave! The photos are temporarily storage cause I'm reorganizing the gallery.
I am and always been active on Flickr --> if you want to visit! :)
rivinca Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015   Digital Artist
Yup, I found it same way, looked in favs for inspiration and... :iconimdoneplz: :iconjapansulk-plz:
hope to see their again someday.
rivinca Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015   Digital Artist
Where is your awesome, inspiration dolls? ;v; My heart is broken without their.
Loolooz Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015
awww... Cry  I'm still active on Flickr! ---->  I'm thinking what to do wit my gallery here. Maybe the photos will be back but its hard to keep up with 2 places! 
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